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If you want to see unique fortresses and mystical structures made of sedimentary rocks, you do not need to go to the Grand Canyon in the USA right away. Because on our land there is the Charyn Gorge, which has become the "brother" of this Grand Canyon. It is a natural monument made of rocks about 12 million years old. The gorge stretches along the Charyn River for 154 kilometers. Not many people know that the mysterious Charyn hid another miracle in his valley - the Chagan forest.
You can get acquainted with the subtleties of the gorge only by making tours to Charyn. This is such a unique place that if you walk past the giant stones and continue walking straight along the path, you will find yourself in such a position as if you stopped at the edge of Mother Earth. The views from the observation decks will not leave anyone indifferent. The rays of the sun, penetrating into the canyon in the middle of the day, are refracted in an absolutely incredible way, drawing magical pictures on the walls of the canyon. If you want to personally visit this wonderful place, now is the time to buy Charyn tours. To enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature, you do not need a lot of time and a lot of expenses.

Charyn Canyon

The Charyn Gorge is an amazing place in the Tien Shan mountain ranges, the origin of which dates back to the Neogene period. The Charyn Canyon, located 200 kilometers from Almaty, is often compared to the Grand Canyon in the United States. The gorge also has features reminiscent of the Australian National Park and the "Arizona wave". Since the terrain is systematically changing, the animal and plant life here is very rich. Among them, you can also find species listed in the Red Book. Among the most memorable objects of the gorge are the "Valley of Castles", the river, turangi and Chagan grove.

The Chagan Forest is deeply rooted at the mouth of the Charyn River. In the autumn months, this valley is filled with crimson berries, as Indian barberry (barbarian) poplar grows in the lower reaches of the gorge. A natural zone of this kind exists only on the lands of North America. This forest has been living on the Zhetysu coast since the Neogene period. Many animals live in this region and about 1,500 plant species grow, and 17 plants, 62 mammalian animals and 103 nesting birds are currently listed in the "Red Book".

Charyn Tours Tour4you

The Tour4you travel company will help you to visit this amazing place. Our professional guides have prepared an interesting Charyn tour program for you to embrace all the splendor of the local nature and will be with you throughout the tour making your trip informative and fascinating, because the canyon has its own history and various legends.
You will be waiting for vivid impressions from a walk through a huge gorge. Visitors, fascinated by the wonders of the gorge, can have a picnic and enjoy delicious food and relax in gazebos along the river.

Be sure that by purchasing Charyn tours from us, you will ensure yourself a safe, memorable and useful vacation economically and without spending a lot of time on it.

Выберите подходящий тур

Express tour to the Charyn canyon, Kolsai and Kayindy lakes

16-17 hours

Lakes Kolsay, Kayindy and Charyn canyon

2 days/1 night

4 canyons of the Charyn river

11-12 hours

Valley of Castles of Charyn Canyon

7-8 hours

Night tour to Charyn Canyon "Valley of Castles"

11-12 hours

Charyn Canyon "Valley of Castles" and Bartogay Reservoir

11-12 hours


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