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The nature of Kazakhstan is amazing and diverse: here you can see beautiful steppes, majestic mountains, wonderful canyons, and crystal clear lakes. We offer you to rush away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the fabulous nature in comfortable jeeps. Powerful jeeps will carry you over mountain ranges, sand dunes, and our experienced drivers will make your adventure safe. And our professional guides have prepared interesting jeep tour programs for you to embrace all the splendor of the local nature and will be with you throughout the tour making your trip informative and fascinating, along the way telling about the history of these places and local legends.

Jeep tour - untouched nature of Altyn-Emel

Located in the Almaty region, the Altyn Emel National Nature Park is one of the largest protected regions of the country. The park occupies 500 thousand hectares, characterized by a variety of terrain. As a result, very numerous species of plants and animals live in harmony in the Altynemelsky region.
There are many cultural and historical monuments in the park, such as "Singing Dunes", a sandy mountain that emits a beautiful sound similar to the sound of an organ in the slightest wind, the "Beshatyr" complex, where Saka mounds were found, and the chalk mountains of Aktau, which are called "lunar" for their picturesque views.
This park is like a miniature Kazakhstan with incredibly diverse landscapes. In the Altyn-Emel National Park you will see the nature of Kazakhstan in all its diversity. Tours to Altyn-Emel are a great opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere of this amazing place. The program is designed so that you spend your leisure time as much as possible and enjoy the local nature.

Jeep tour of the Golden Ring of Semirechye

No wonder they say that the paradise of the earth is the Seven Rivers. The territory of Semirechye is about 900 km from north to south and 800 km from east to west. The nature of such an immense valley is also diverse and deserves special attention.
You can go on a trip with us and personally visit all the wonders of this region. This will be a very exciting jeep tour, the first of which you will visit the Altyn Emel National Nature Park, famous for the diversity of its landscape: sand dunes, colorful mountains and endless steppes where wild horses roam. Next, you will see a unique and mystical structure composed of sedimentary rocks, the "brother" of the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Charyn Canyon, an amazing place in the mountain ranges of the Tien Shan, the origin of which dates back to the Neogene period.
Probably few people have not heard about the Kolsai Lakes, one of the most picturesque sights of Kazakhstan, which has three lakes. In the water area of the lake, you can go boating and relax against the backdrop of attractive nature.
Be sure that by purchasing a jeep tour from us you will provide yourself with a comfortable, safe, and most importantly a very exciting tour compiled by our professional guides.

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Untouched nature Altyn Emel

2 days/1 night

Jeep tour on the Golden Ring of Semirechye

5 days/4 nights


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