The city of nomads

One of the sights of Almaty, which the whole country can be proud of, which will remind us of our history, is the city of nomads. A small medieval town gave an already picturesque valley of the Ili River a particularly unique historical flavor.

The city of nomads, also known as the Nomad Fortress, is a place where, thanks to its medieval decorations, every tourist can feel like an heir to the great steppe.

The fortress is located just 90 kilometers from the Southern capital, on the left bank of the Ili River. The fortress was built in 2005 for the filming of the movie "Nomads". Due to the fact that the territory along the Ili, which is considered the core of Zhetysu, is a sacred place where nomads have settled since ancient times, in a chronicle place where traces of their ancestors remained, the circumstances of the filming of the film are clear. If you don't know when the castle was built, at first glance it may seem that this is one of the many caravanserais lined up along the Great Silk Road.

Tour to the city of nomads

We offer you to take a trip to the sights of Almaty and ancient historical buildings that enrich the spirit and become the mascot of the city together with the Tour4you travel company.
Our professional guides will begin their story already at the entrance to the fortress. The construction is so realistic that together with a giant castle built in the distance, the expression of the past begins to flash before your eyes.
The fortress really looks like a caravanserai, of which there were many along the Great Silk Road. It includes houses and other details creating a single integrity of the object. There are watchtowers that are visible from afar, from where the sentries from their posts peered into the distance, at the mountains. Signalmen were on duty on the mountains, who, in case of the approach of uninvited guests, lit lanterns.
Depending on the number of lanterns they light, the fortress guards keep an eye on whether there are armed soldiers or peaceful traders there. If the normal life of the nomads is threatened, the gates will close and the caravanserai will turn into a fortress. Before coming to this wonderful place, you will make a historical film in your imagination. The scenes are so impressive!

Tour to the City of Nomads

This is a unique opportunity to walk through the streets of the ancient city to feel as if you had a chance to visit an oriental fairy tale, feel its charm and remember its unique performance for a long time. If you want to personally visit this wonderful place, now is the time to buy a tour. Our experienced guides will help you feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and feel as if you have passed through a time machine and found yourself in the distant past. Be sure that by purchasing a tour from us, you will provide yourself with a safe, memorable and useful vacation and the best leisure time.

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