The city of nomads Almaty

Nomad City, also known as Nomad Fortress, is a place where, thanks to its medieval decorations, every traveler can feel like an heir to the great steppe.

The fortress is located 90 kilometers from Almaty on the left bank of the Ili River. A small town of medieval character gave a unique historical flavor to the picturesque valley of the Ili River, the largest river of the Semirechye. The fortress was built in 2005 for the filming of the movie "Nomads". Due to the fact that the territory along the Ili, which is considered the core of Zhetysu, is a sacred place where nomads have settled since ancient times, in a chronicle place where traces of their ancestors remained, the circumstances of the filming of the film are clear. The construction is so realistic that together with a giant castle built in the distance, the expression of the past begins to flash before your eyes.

Tour to the Nomad City of Almaty Tour4you

A tour to the Nomad City of Almaty is a unique opportunity to walk through the streets of the ancient city and feel like a real nomad. Our experienced guides will help you feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and feel as if you have passed through a time machine and as if you were in the distant past.
In addition to visiting the fortress itself, you can walk along the banks of the largest river of the Semirechye and enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of nature and the Kazakh steppe.
We guarantee you an unforgettable experience and a great photo to remember.


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