Kapchagai Tours

Tour4you travel company offers to purchase a weekend tour to the beautiful sandy beaches of Kapchagai. Now you can rest on the highest damage without spending a lot of time and budget. A tour to Kapchagai is a unique opportunity to see the largest Ili River, which originates in China. Our experienced guides will accompany you throughout your holiday and make your trip unforgettable.

Kapchagai reservoir

Kapchagai is one of the largest reservoirs in Kazakhstan with a length of more than 110 km, reaching a width of 30 km. It is located about 80 km from the Southern capital. Nowadays, it is possible to get from Almaty to Kapshagai via a modern highway in just half an hour. This is the most visited place for summer holidays of Almaty residents, where you can swim in plenty and sunbathe on the beach. There are many recreation areas on the coast of the reservoir. Fresh air, crystal clear water, yachts, jet skis, motorboats, and other indispensable attributes of recreation on the water - attract every year an increasing number of guests from near and far abroad.

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