Kazakhstan jeep tour

The beauty of Kazakhstan's nature is difficult to describe in words. He needs to be seen. Therefore, we invite you to an exciting adventure in Kazakhstan jeep tours, during which you will get a lot of impressions and admire the beauties of the local nature, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and take amazing photos.

Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by professional guides who will make your trip informative and fascinating along the way telling you the stories and legends of each delightful place. And thanks to our experienced drivers, your tour will be comfortable, safe and exciting.

Jeep tour of the Golden Ring of the Seven Rivers

"Most of the most amazing tourist spots are located on the territory of the Seven Rivers, which is about 900 km from north to south and 800 km from east to west. The nature of such an immense valley is also diverse and deserves special attention. Coniferous and spruce forests, where many animals live, beautiful meadows with different types of medicinal and ordinary plants, crystal clear rivers and lakes, majestic mountains and hills that you can't take your eyes off, rocky canyons and even sand dunes can be found in this territory. No wonder the Kazakh people say that the paradise of the earth is the Seven Rivers.
If you want to go to Kazakhstan jeep tours, now is the time to purchase a trip and personally visit all the wonders of this region.

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Untouched nature Altyn Emel

2 days/1 night

Jeep tour on the Golden Ring of Semirechye

5 days/4 nights


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