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Take a look with your own eyes at the beautiful beauty of the Kolsai and Kaindy lakes. You will feel the wonderful atmosphere of natural grandeur and its primevalness. Our travel company offers a tour to Kolsai Kaindy with an exciting program, setting itself the main goal – to make your vacation comfortable, interesting and memorable. You will get to know these lakes better and it will be imprinted in your memories for a long time

We give you the opportunity to see Lake Kolsai and Lake Kaindy, relax and spend your leisure time in an exciting way.

Kolsai and Kayyndy Lakes

"The fascinating Kaindy Lake was formed in a tectonic collapse in the gorge of the same name due to a strong earthquake. A natural phenomenon has created beauty, forming an amazing lake with a forest inside it.
A miracle of nature - Kolsai Lake attracts many tourists with its beauty, being the most unusual place in Kazakhstan. The blue lake, mighty fir trees and steep rocky ledges leave an unforgettable impression.
The word "Kaindy" is translated from Kazakh as "birch". However, mostly high spruce trees surrounding the lake or located directly in it prevail.
Kolsai Lakes is one of the most fascinating places in Southern Kazakhstan with its beauty. The pearl of Tien Shan will leave you in a pleasant delight from its greatness, beauty and beautiful view. The picturesque view in front of you in this place attracts many tourists and for a reason.
Such places are not found everywhere! Kolsai Kaindy tour is a favorite choice of rest for many travelers. To find peace of mind, the desire to relax and have a nice rest – that's why these places are loved and visited.

Therefore, the kolsai Kaindy tour is a great way to enjoy the greatness of nature and its beauty."

Kolsai kayyndy tour

Kolsai and Kayyndy tours are an opportunity to see the azure waters of these lakes, spend a pleasant leisure time with family, friends or loved ones.

This is a favorite place of foreign and local tourists, so Kolsai kayyndy tour is very popular. Do not miss the opportunity to visit these wonderful places yourself. And Tour4you will do everything possible to make your trip comfortable and exciting, starting from transport and ending with a professional guide. This is a great option for spending leisure time in nature in Almaty.

If you want to visit these places in the near future, then now is the time to visit Kolsai Kayyndy tour. Get an economical, memorable vacation that will become one of the most significant events in life.

Take your family, relatives, friends with you and go on a fabulous tour with them.

And what photos can you take there! Lakes will become the most beautiful background of the most wonderful photos taken by you.

Buy a tour in Tour4you – and go to the wonderful places of Kolsai and Kaindy

Tours to Kolsai and Kaindy are one of the ways to give yourself a lot of bright emotions and euphoria from the fabulous beauty of these places

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Express tour to the Charyn canyon, Kolsai and Kayindy lakes

16-17 hours

Lakes Kolsay, Kayindy and Charyn canyon

2 days/1 night


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