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Kolsai Lakes are one of the most beautiful places of nature in Kazakhstan. They are also called the pearls of the Northern Tien Shan, because such beauty is not found everywhere!
A popular place for tours in the Almaty region. By visiting Kolsai tours, be sure that he will leave behind an unforgettable experience. Largely due to the amazing beauty of the Kolsai Lake.
Kolsai is a wonderful place for picnics in nature and horseback riding and mountain biking. Comfortable for camping is the period from April to the end of September.
A tour to Lake Kolsai is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beauty of nature, an exciting program that can provide an unforgettable leisure.

Kolsai Lake

As many as 3 reservoirs are a system of Kolsai lakes located quite close to each other. They make up an amazingly beautiful system of reservoirs. The lower lake is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters. The second reservoir is located 8 km from it. The third lake is the smallest, but the highest (2850 meters). From the Kazakh language Kolsai translates as "lake in the gorge” since all the lakes are located in a natural depression. In another way, this place is called the "blue necklace". The water in it is so transparent that it is able to reflect the blue sky, becoming even more beautiful from this. Around the tall fir trees in a compartment with lakes, complement the feeling of inviolability and mystery of this amazing place.

Kolsai Lakes Tour4you

If you want to personally visit a beautiful place of Kazakh nature, then it's time to buy a tour to Lake Kolsai. To enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature of Kolsai Lake, you do not need a lot of time and a lot of money. Tour4you Travel company offers individual one-day and two-day tours to this wonderful place. We have compiled an exciting program, which is an excellent option for spending leisure time in Almaty. Visit the pearl of the northern Tien Shan and get unforgettable memories and emotions. We assure you that every tourist who participates in a tour to Lake Kolsai will enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes and relax with his soul.
Throughout the tour, our professional guides will tell the centuries-old history of this region, making the trip interesting and exciting.
The Tour4you travel company will help you visit Kolsai Lake. Experienced guides will be with you throughout the entire Kolsai tour and will help you get the rest you need so much. Be sure that by purchasing a tour, you will provide yourself with a safe, memorable and useful vacation economically and without spending a lot of time on it.

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Express tour to the Charyn canyon, Kolsai and Kayindy lakes

16-17 hours

Lakes Kolsay, Kayindy and Charyn canyon

2 days/1 night


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