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The singing dune on the territory of the nature protection complex is one of the most amazing natural phenomena. A huge number of legends and tales are connected with it. For a long time, scientists could not understand this phenomenon. And in the Middle Ages, people who heard the singing of the sands thought that it was the evil spirits of the desert shouting. After that, it was assumed that when the air in the sand moved, it came out of the sand and made such a sound. As it turned out later, the secret was hidden in the fact that it was not ordinary sand, but how unique quartzite-like, shiny and electrifying sand, which, when rubbed, makes such a wonderful sound.
This impressive sand mountain, which was created by the wind from the Ili sand, between two rocky hills of the small and large shield, attracted tourists back in Soviet times. It wasn't easy to get here in those years. But today it is a very popular tourist attraction and in order to enjoy the amazingly beautiful nature, you do not need a lot of time and large expenses, it is enough to purchase a tour to the singing dune from the Tour4you travel company.

Singing Dunes

Altyn Emel National Park, located just 200 km from Almaty, is one of the most visited attractions in Kazakhstan. And the singing dunes, also known as aigaykum, lying on Altyn-EMEL, is considered one of the most unusual places in the world and is the pearl of the national park. There are many dunes in Kazakhstan, but this is the only dune-a mountain more than a hundred meters high and several kilometers long, filled with pure sand on the right bank of the Ili River, the largest river of the Semirechye. A beautiful natural object, widely known to foreigners who are fascinated by strange creatures far beyond the borders of the republic. It has its own name, a rare monument. This is a real miracle of nature.
From the height there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area. In the south, you can see a narrow strip of the river and the purple mountains of Sogety and Boguta, behind which the white tops of the Ketmen ridge are hidden.

The horizon is covered from the west by a Large Kalkan, from the east by a Small one. From the northern part, you can see the lilac-blue ridge of the Jungar Alatau spurs, the Chulak, Matai and Altyn-Emel mountains. At the foot of these mountains, the foothill plains are spread out, cut by narrow strips of dry channels of rain streams. On one side the mountain is smooth, while on the other it has several ridges with gentle slopes.

Singing Dune Tour Tour4you

A singing dune, emerging from a semi-desert steppe, striking with its greatness and preserving its unchanged appearance for centuries, which you can meet while traveling with the Tour4you company.
We offer you to rush away from the hustle and bustle of the city and buy a tour to the Singing Dune, to this fabulous place where red sand dunes can be seen in the enchanting rays of the setting sun. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local nature, take amazing photos among the sands, listen to a unique melody similar to the sound of an organ that is produced by golden sands.


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