Weekend tours Almaty 2021

Do you want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Look out the window every day, looking at nature and keep the thought in your head "Oh, now I would like to go somewhere to relax, and not sit at home or at work. How beautiful is the nature of Kazakhstan.

Weekend tours are a great solution to brighten up the gray days, and immerse yourself in an amazing vacation without spending a lot of time and budget.

Tour4you travel company will help you go on exciting weekend tours of Almaty 2021 and personally experience all this benefit of amazing nature. A comfortable and affordable tour at comfortable and affordable prices.

Fabulous places where red sand dunes can be seen in the enchanting rays of the setting sun, colorful mountains and endless steppes where wild horses roam. Sounds promising, right?

Weekend tours

Kazakhstan surprises and amazes not only ordinary tourists, but also ordinary citizens. Feel the splendor of the nature of Kazakhstan and get closer to it.

Do you want to see unique fortresses and ancient mystical structures?
The Charyn Gorge is like the big brother of the Grand Canyon. A place rich in history will brighten up your tour with informative things, after which you will become closer to the centuries-old culture of the peoples on the territory of this land. the most ancient archaeological finds, mounds 4 meters long. All these historical monuments constitute the Great Heritage of Kazakhstan.

And of course you have heard about the Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy Lake, one of the most picturesque sights of Kazakhstan, which has three lakes. In the water area of the lake, you can go boating, have a picnic and relax against the backdrop of attractive nature.

And Kazakhstan is rich not only in these places.

Do you want to visit all these places without spending a lot of money and time? Just arrange a holiday for yourself and allow yourself to go on a short trip to the most beautiful places of our country? No question! Tour4you organizes everything. Weekend tours of Almaty 2021 will allow you to get the rest that you deserve.

Weekend tour of Almaty.

Still thinking about how to spend your leisure time on the weekend, now is the time to buy a weekend tour of Almaty from us. We take responsibility for your weekend on ourselves and give you a chance to just relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday. Our experienced guides will accompany you during the whole trip and tell you the stories of the Kazakh people, ancient legends, legends and the charm of an oriental fairy tale. Our company is sure that regardless of your preferences, we will find suitable weekend tours for you in Almaty 2021!

What could be more pleasant than walking through the most delightful places of our boundless land. A large number of attractions in Kazakhstan have such a variety that weekend tours are very plentiful in our Tour4you travel company. We are sure that regardless of your preferences, we will find something to please you!

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