Weekend tours

Weekend tours are a unique opportunity to rush away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the fabulous nature, relax with your soul and enjoy the beauty of our vast country, without spending a lot of time and budget.

Absolutely everything amazes and fascinates in Kazakhstan: it is so huge that it is perfectly bordered by endless steppes, majestic mountains propping up clouds with their snowy tops, amazing canyons with caves, deserts, sand dunes where you can hear the whisper of sand, crystal clear and picturesque lakes and rivers as from an artistic painting that attract the eye with their azure waters. It impresses with combinations of contrasts and wonderful landscapes, replacing each other almost every hundred kilometers. Fresh air and green nature will give you an impulse and charge you with energy. It's perfect for an affordable and fast ride.

You can also get unforgettable impressions of the special energy of ancient sacred places, the history of which begins with the early Iron Age. It's no secret that since ancient times different tribes have lived in our lands and you can find their heritage in the form of ancient rock paintings, preserved surprisingly clearly, the largest archaeological finds, mounds 4 meters long. All these historical monuments constitute the Great Heritage of Kazakhstan.

What could be better than walking through the most beautiful places of our boundless land. Numerous sights of Kazakhstan are absolutely unique and are not repeated anywhere else in the world.
You can see all this with your own eyes by booking a place on a weekend tour for yourself and your loved ones from Tour4you. Regardless of where you work, what position you hold, you still periodically need to drop everything and rest. And when you have only a day or two at your disposal, you need to go on weekend tours offered by Tour4you.
Our professional guides have prepared for you a catalog of weekend tours, among which you can choose a trip to your liking. We also present to your attention our individual tours where you can relax without groups of tourists, as well as jeep tours during which you will travel in comfortable jeeps and get a drive. Be sure that regardless of the chosen tour, your trip will be as exciting and interesting as possible thanks to the author's programs of our company. You will also spend your leisure time very informative, because our guides will accompany you during the whole trip and tell the stories of the Kazakh people, ancient legends, legends and the charm of an oriental fairy tale. Our company is sure that regardless of your preferences, we will find something to please you!

Entrust your weekend to the Tour4you travel company and go with us on weekend tours. We are always ready to help you have a good time, get acquainted with the new beauties of the region.


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