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2 days/1 night


800 km



Certified guides


Altyn-Emel is a national natural park located in the valley of the Ili river on the territory of Kazakhstan. On the territory of the park with a total area of ​​520 thousand hectares, you can find various landscapes: mountainous, sandy-desert, gravelly, desert.

On the territory of the park there are many unique natural and historical objects of great importance: the most famous of them is a unique natural phenomenon - the Singing Dune dune, 1.5 km long and up to 120 m high.The dune has the shape of a crescent, which makes its beauty unique. When the wind blows from the west, scattering the sands, it feels like an organ is playing in the heart of the desert. Until now, this phenomenon remains a mystery of nature, but scientists suggest that in dry hot weather, the sand is electrified with the help of friction and creates a certain sound vibration. No one who has ever heard the singing of the dune will never forget this phenomenon.
Tourists can also enjoy the magnificent natural landscapes of the Aktau mountains, which are not without reason called "lunar" because of their unusual coloring. Aktau is a chalk mountain over 400 million years old, mostly white, but there are also blue and pink, red and green slopes that give the Aktau mountains a unique alien beauty. The Katutau Mountains stretch from southwest to northeast in the form of a narrow hilly ridge with plateau-like peaks. The slopes are dissected by many waterless gorges and chinks.


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189000 $

189000 $

What is included in the price:

✅ driver - guide

✅ comfortable SUV

✅ accommodation in a guest house

✅ three meals a day

✅ drinking water 2 liters per day

✅ entrance tickets along the route

Price for SUV with driver

7 passenger seats

147000 $

14 passenger seats



Day 1

08.00. Meeting with a guide in Almaty. After meeting, departure according to the schedule of the program. Sanitary stop where you will have the opportunity to have a snack.
10.00 Arrival at Tamgaly Tas, 85 km from the city of Almaty. This is a historical site, notable for rock carvings, in which an unknown artist carved 5 images of Buddhist deities. You can climb the rocks along safe paths and enjoy the view of the river valley and the steppe expanses.
11.00 Departure to the village of Basshi
13.00 Traditional Kazakh lunch with local residents. After lunch, excursion to the Singing Dune
15.00. Arrival to the Singing dune. Upon arrival at the Singing Dune, we climb up for an excursion. Your guide will show you the most beautiful photo spots and tell you the history of the dune. You will have time to walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Photosession
18.00. Return to the parking lot and drive to the village of Basshi.
19.00. Time for dinner and relaxation. Acquaintance with the local culture and mentality.
20.00 After dinner, rest and an evening bonfire, where you will find numerous stories and stories from our guide.
After lunch, we will see a wonderful creation of nature - the Singing Dunes, 1.5 km long and 120 m high (about 265 km from the Charyn National Park). While the wind blows from the West, scattering the sands, it feels like the organ pipe is in the very heart of the desert.
Transfer to Basshi (45 km from Barkhan).
Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

Day 2

07.00. Delicious breakfast from the hostess.
08.00. Getting ready and going to the Aktau-Katutau mountains. The ride will take about 2 hours. Upon arrival at the parking, excursion and trekking in the mountains will begin. The guide will show you the best angles for the photo shoot.
13.00. Time for lunch in lunch boxes
14.00. After lunch we leave for the Katutau mountains. Tour and photography
17.00. Return to Almaty. The drive home will take about 4 hours. Dinner in the village on the way.
21.00. The driver-guide will take you to any convenient place in the city.

What to take with you?

Comfortable clothes

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.

Comfortable shoes

Athletic sneakers or boots for comfortable walking

Sun protection

Be sure to bring sunscreen or closed clothing

Snack food and water

We recommend bringing a small snack if you want to have a picnic


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